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Pigeon Mountain Road
Bucklands Beach Auckland
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Reach for the Skies

Principal Heather McRea

There are a number of key features of this college which make it a successful and positive place.

First, we believe that everyone counts. We make it our business to treat all our students as individuals who have their own particular needs. Our house system in particular is designed to ensure that every single student is monitored and nurtured to achieve all they are capable of.

Second, we place a considerable emphasis on achievement. We believe that all students want to maximise their achievement. We have very strong academic and vocational programmes designed to meet the diverse needs of our students, and we encourage flexible entry to our wide ranging multiple pathways curriculum.

The advent of NCEA has been seen by us as a great opportunity to further develop and broaden our curriculum whilst at the same time encouraging all our students to excel. Our aim is to prepare all our students for their departure from school - whether it be to a University, a Polytechnic or to a workplace, or an international educational destination.

Third, we believe in results. Our students consistently do very well nationally, in external examinations and in sporting and cultural activities. We expect our teachers and our students to maintain and improve already high standards of achievement. We will not compromise on quality.

Fourth, we have much to offer outside the classroom and we encourage students to participate in these activities. We have a huge sports programme, and an associated academy for highly talented sportspeople. Our music programmes offer top quality performance opportunities. Our media studies department offers a community/college TV and radio station. In addition students are offered a large variety of clubs and activities they can choose to be involved with should they so wish.

Finally, our staff and school community is committed to strongly supportive "safe school" programmes and we make it a priority to maintain our wonderfully positive school climate so that our students are free to get on with their learning.

Our College motto is "Caelum Certe Patet" or "Reach for the skies". We hope that students who join us in 2006 do exactly this, and avail themselves of every opportunity they have to reach their full potential.

There are exciting times ahead.