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154 Ross River Road
Mundingburra, Townsville
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Box 944 Aitkenvale 4814

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Anglican Coeducational Boarding School Townsville Queensland


of St Anne & St James Townsville

Principal: Mr Ian Gamack

Welcome to The Cathedral School -Townsville's only Anglican school for boys and girls from Early Childhood to Year 12, including boarding students from Year 7 to Year 12.

At Cathedral, we are 'educating for life-long success'. We know that this requires a well-rounded education - to develop the "whole person" by nurturing the body and spirit as well as the mind.

Students are continually challenged and encouraged to take advantage of the exceptional opportunities available at Cathedral. A careful balance of academic, sporting, cultural and spiritual activities produces confident, well-rounded individuals who are prepared for the challenges of life.

The School is situated in beautiful landscaped grounds in the suburb of Mundingburra, just a few kilometres from the Townsville CBD. Townsville is a thriving tropical city on the North Queensland coast, close to the Great Barrier Reef and magnificent rainforests. The warm weather, friendly people and safe environment make it the ideal place to live and learn.




Our School
Over 1000 students, from Early Childhood to Year 12, are being educated in state of the art facilities, by dedicated and innovative teachers, in a caring, compassionate and Christian environment. 

The School prides itself on its unique sense of community, with both the Past Students’ Association and Parents & Friends Association, working with staff and current families to ensure that the needs of every child are catered for.

In 1917, three Sisters of the Society of the Sacred Advent arrived from Brisbane, determined to establish a school for girls in Townsville. They succeeded, despite a lack of finance, shortage of St Anne & Staff, failed previous attempts and the uncertainty surrounding World War One.
St Anne’s Church of England Girls School officially opened on 21 July, 1917. In 1980, under its first lay Principal, the school became co-educational and changed its name to The Cathedral School of St James.

Today The Cathedral School of St Anne and St James is regarded as the premier educational facility, for day and boarding students, in North Queensland.



The School is recognised for its outstanding academic program.It is the goal of every educator at The Cathedral School to provide each child with an engaging, relevant and meaningful curriculum.



Outdoor Education is about adventure, knowledge, skill training, excitement, perseverance, commitment, self satisfaction, awareness, trepidation and of course fun.It has much to do with freedom ………and responsibility. 


Specific themes are explored in each year level. However, Outdoor Education is multi-disciplinary, containing elements of History, Geography, Science, Mathematics, English, Art and Personal Development intertwined in a maze of emotions and experiences.


Extra Curricular Activities
“Healthy body – healthy mind – healthy life” is a philosophy that underlies the extra-curricular policy at The Cathedral School.

Life contains much more than just work and study, so it is important that every student’s school years provide the foundations for a rich and diverse life experience.




At The Cathedral School, the extra-curricular program gives students countless opportunities to explore and broaden their experiences, while developing skills and attitudes that will lead to life-long participation in healthy and fulfilling recreational and cultural activities. 

From Early Childhood to Year 12, students take part in age-appropriate physical and cultural activities from swimming lessons to music and drama recitals.

Enthusiasm, team spirit and creative expression are evident in all activities undertaken by students, who participate in friendly, supportive and inclusive competition.




The Cathedral School has a very dynamic performing arts program which enables students of all ability levels to explore and enjoy  the creative and artistic elements of life. 



Anglican Ethos

An Anglican School is a Christian school, with a commitment to Christian values and beliefs. It is characterised by:

  • Tolerance and respect for difference
  • A high respect for intellectual endeavour
  • Contributions to the wider cultural life
  • Tradition and dignity within school life
  • Respect for tradition of worship
  • A sense of social responsibility and social justice

Christian Education classes and weekly Chapel services are part of the total school experience for every student.



Pastoral Care
The Cathedral School has a strong pastoral care system which is responsible for the strong sense of community and belonging at the School. Staff have a responsibility to ensure a safe, happy environment which demonstrates courtesy and care for others.

International Students
Students from many different countries have chosen to study at The Cathedral School. International students are welcomed into the school community, and are immersed into classes and boarding life with children from many different backgrounds and experiences. 


The blend of cultures within the school community encourages tolerance and understanding between people from different nationalities, and provides a broader global perspective for all.

Some of the countries represented at present are: Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmur and Europe.
The international students comprise only 5% of the school population, so they rapidly develop their English language skills and adapt to the Queensland education system and the Australian way of life. 

After completing high school, students can go on to study at universities in Australia or overseas. Past Cathedral students are currently studying in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Townsville, while others have completed their studies and are now engaged in successful careers.



The Cathedral School is home to more than 100 boarding students from many  different backgrounds, including those from rural families, coastal and island  communities and overseas. 

Boys and girls from Year 7 to Year 12 are accommodated in separate dormitories, where they are cared for by houseparents and dormitory supervisors. Staff take care to establish a friendly and supportive environment, based on co-operation, trust and mutual respect.